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Eliminate your electrical bill
with Solar Panel Installation

Find out how much you can save each month?
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Let's Find Your Solar Solution

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1. Discovery

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Initial Consultation
about our solar installation process and what your needs are. 

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2. Solar Savings Proposal

After reviewing your electric bills, your roofline, we design a complete system factoring in your future needs. We then proceed to schedule an install date.

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Solar Installation

Our technicians arrive at your home on the date scheduled and install our solar panel system.

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Average  Lifetime Savings


Average Monthly Savings

Installing Solar Panels


We offer a 25-year Production Guarantee in addition to our standard manufacturer equipment warranties, ensuring that your solar panel system will produce the expected amount of energy each year. If it falls short, we will compensate you with a check for the difference. This guarantee, along with our timeline guarantee, gives you added peace of mind and confidence in your investment.

Energy Savings

Net Energy Metering allows you to use the grid as a storage system for your solar energy. During the day, if your solar panels are producing more energy than you need, the excess power is stored as credits with your utility company. This means that when you need energy during the night or on shorter days in the winter, you can use the credits you've accumulated. This is a great way to save money on your energy bills, as it can be 60-100% less expensive than your current monthly payments. And the best part is, it's completely free!


With the included Solar Edge app, you can monitor your entire solar system in real-time from anywhere. This allows you to see how much energy your panels are producing on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis, giving you a complete understanding of your system's performance. And for those who want even more data, an optional Curb Monitoring system can be added, which allows you to track and manage your home's entire energy consumption, giving you a comprehensive view of your energy usage.

Our Service

Solar panel services include the design, installation, and maintenance of solar panel systems for residential and commercial properties. These systems convert the energy from the sun into electricity, which can be used to power homes and businesses. The services offered may also include assessing the suitability of a property for solar panels, determining the optimal placement and orientation of the panels, and providing ongoing maintenance and repairs to ensure the system is running at peak efficiency. Some solar panel service providers may also offer financing options, such as leasing or power purchase agreements, to make the transition to solar energy more affordable for customers.

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