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Image Optimization Tips for Google My Business Photos

When it comes to local search and driving online traffic to your business, a picture can be worth even more by helping with ranking higher! In a study conducted by BrightLocal, it was found that:

  • Google My Business listings with more than 100 images receive 520% more calls than the average business.

  • Google My Business listings with more than 100 images receive 2,717% more direction requests than average.

  • Google My Business listings with more than 100 images receive 1,065% more clicks to the website.

  • The study also revealed that Google My Business listings with more than 100 images enjoy 3,459% more views on Maps and 960% more views in Google Search.

If you haven't prioritized image optimization for your Google My Business profile as part of your local marketing strategy, you may be missing out on significant visibility and local conversion opportunities. Here are 7 tips to help you optimize your SOcial Marketing Dr. Google My Business photos and make the most out of each one:

Properly size your images and use square dimensions

Ensure that your images adhere to Google's photo guidelines for the best presentation. It's important to follow Google's content policies as well, ensuring that each image represents your business realistically and avoids any perception of spam, inappropriate content, or privacy violations.

Limit the use of text in your images

Avoid excessive text overlays, as they can appear spammy and may not render well on smaller screens. Google has specific guidelines regarding text on images, and it's important to comply with them. Superimposed text or graphics should be relevant and not distract from the image.

Pay attention to content positioning to prevent cropping

Different platforms may render images differently, so it's crucial to ensure that important content is positioned at the top of the photo. To ensure that your images appear as intended, resize them properly and check their appearance on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices using Google Maps and Search.

Use authentic photos, avoid stock images

The images on your Google My Business listing play a vital role in helping potential customers understand the experience they can expect at your location. Stock photos or outdated images serve no purpose and can harm your listing. High-quality, authentic photos are essential for a positive user experience.

Geotagging is necessary for Google My Business

While geotagging photos can be helpful on some platforms, and does have an impact on Google My Business. Focus your local SEO efforts on taking more photos near your business for your Google My Business profile.

Choose a compelling cover photo

Your cover photo is prominently displayed on your listing and in Local Pack results. Ensure that it meets Google's standards by selecting a clear, crisp, and compelling image. Use the recommended dimensions and make sure the photo looks good even when cropped to a square format.

Regularly monitor and update your Business Profile images

To provide accurate information to searchers, it's important to keep your business cover photos and additional images up to date. If you make changes to your office interior, storefront, or facade, replace outdated photos with new ones. You can use a spreadsheet for bulk uploads if you have more than 10 images. Additionally, if you come across a customer photo that violates Google Maps policy, you can request its removal.

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